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Step by step

There are many idioms to remind us that progress is a building activity. From single bites, single steps, and single drops, it is the culmination of single actions that create new opportunities.

We have all done hard things before. Right now might be the most challenging thing you have ever done. Luckily, you have been met with success before. It is easier said than done to take a moment to stop and pay attention to the moment.

The times you are happy, rejoice in the calm.

The times you are angry, give thanks for the challenge.

The times you are frustrated, feel secure in how much you care.

The times you are sad, be open to the hurt.

the times you fail, accept the lesson.

Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or entering the home stretch of your latest challenge, the version of you that decided to start on this path trusted that present you would be able to make the best decision. Moving forward by sticking with a goal, or changing the goal to meet your current needs are both valid responses. Make the choice and move forward even if it is by a single action.

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