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How to Keep Your New Years Goals?

Trying to stick to a few narrow goals all year is really hard. It is easy to get discouraged when you think all of the work you have been putting in isn't paying off.

Years ago I stopped with the goals I swore I would keep. Instead I tried out a new system I heard from a podcase called The Theme System by C.G.P. Grey and Myke Hurley.

You don't NEED to buy the journal but it always helps out when you are first transitioning to a new structure. The number one feature of the system that makes it special is the flexibility. The number two feature of the system that makes it special is that your progress can be measured across many different aspects of your life. It can be hard to imagine without an example.

My 2023 Theme is GAINS! This could mean gains in health, gains in finances, gains in education, gains in professional readiness, and ironically it could be reductions. So far in 2023 I have improved my gains by reducing the overall amount of caffeine I drink in a day from over 350 mg down to a single cup of black tea.

Is it small? Yes. Is there a chance by the end of the year I will be drinking more caffeine than right now? Maybe. What matters is my life is going to have GAINS! in 2023. An extra special part about the Theme System is that you can start it whenever is best for you and modify it if you see that your life needs a different change. It doesn't mean that you failed a goal, it means you are changing and your needs are also changing, even if you don't see it yet.

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